About Us

Susisusi began as an idea. An idea meant to empower women from a small community in the country where we are from. Our goal with each of our products is to not only spark happiness and self-worth into the woman of today, but also give the artisan woman, a method to share their culture through art and craftsmanship without feeling bordered or criticized for where they come from.

These products are handcrafted by a small community of artisan women in our home country Ecuador.

Our mission is to build a sustainable, long-term partnership with Ecuadorian female artisans and provide an ethically handcrafted product. We are working with this community on an effort to preserve their traditional skills, support their talent and provide economic opportunities for our artisans.

Each of our Straw Bags are 100% made entirely by hand by skilled female artisans in their community, taking two to three days to complete. Local women artisan use the finest natural materials like Toquilla straw.